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About Rhodes Island

General Information

Few places worldwide can match the beauty and the cosmopolitan aura of Rhodes. Unparalleled natural beauty is accompanied by rich historical and cultural tradition; there are not too many places that can boast of hosting one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the renowned Colossus.

Breathtaking ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, enchanting inland territory and a vivid lifestyle are some of the elements of Rhode’s combination, which has never failed to attract countless visitors from the farthest reaches of the globe.

History – Culture

Rhodes is a historical island that has always played a leading role in regional as well as national matters. It was first inhabited in the prehistoric years, and by the time of the Mycenean period it had already developed at least three well organized cities, which participated in the Trojan War with vessels and warriors. Later on the Dorians settled the island and transformed it into a powerful center of commerce, arts, and culture. It was divided into three city-states, whose seafaring and military prowess quickly enabled them to found a series of colonies in southern Italy and along the coast of Asia Minor.